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This weeks AMFisH video, dealing with reel backlash while fishing !

Hello fellow fishing people !   This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog post is about how to deal with reel backlash while fishing.   It totally sucks when it happens but is a part of fishing and mainly happens with bait casting reels due to the free spool.

Well while trying to make this video I could not get it to happen, I used braided line and was even casting into the wind and not stopping my bait when it hit the water, still would not happen then I slammed my bait into the water without thumbing and yet again it would not happen……..the reel backlash must have been video camera shy……..ha ha ha………finally got one and was able to make a quick video on how to deal with it while fishing.

I will actually be doing a series of videos pertaining to this as there are lots of little things you can try to see how bad the problem really is, that way you can save more time for fishing and less time cutting loops through an issue that may not have been so serious to start with.

Hopefully some of you find this video helpful as you will see the knot basically comes free with very little effort.

The AMFisH guy…

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