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This weeks AMFisH video fishing blog – cost of getting into fishing !

Hello fishing people !  This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog talks about the costs of getting into fishing( and how it does not need to cost and arm & a leg.   It came be relatively inexpensive or in can be very expensive all depends on how you approach it.

I did not own a really good fishing setup until I was closer to 17 when I could actually have afforded after saving money from part time jobs.  In the end does really expensive gear make a difference sure it’s just like everything else in life !

A cheap pen for example will not perform like a more costly pen, simple example but it was an easy way to describe what I mean.   When you get the itch for fishing no need to spend all the money you have on gear and tackle, start somewhere simple like with a reel/rod combo that is reasonably priced and go from there.

This is one of my earlier fishing videos that I filmed on a very hot day, don’t mind me looking around so much as I was worried at the start about many things like drifting into shore too quickly, camera falling over stuff like that.   Decided to keep it and use it because it has some good info I wanted to share.

Thanks for following and watching !

The AMFisH guy…


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