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This weeks fishing video blog, building a “GO TO” box!

Amateur fishing people out there, this week’s video fishing blog at is about building a “GO TO” bait box.   I tried to make this video as informative as possible, WHY because this is a great way to build “confidence” on the water !

The intent is to build a smaller tackle box(potentially just a plastic fishing tray) of baits that have caught you fish.  From here you start casting these baits on every outing, slowly putting patterns together on what bait works best at what time of the day.

This is a very good way to increase confidence and get better using baits, learning how they run, lots of great outcomes from simply putting together a “GO TO” bait box!

Good way to start this is to automatically put in some baits you have caught fish with, then on your next outing leave some baits out that you have used, review them at the end of the day and what caught you fish goes into the “GO TO” bait box to be used the next time you are out.

Give this a try as it has worked wonders for me, always putting baits away immediately after having used them results in missing out on key things to consider with those baits and how they were applied.

Hope you find this video helpful and don’t mind my squinting, it is important for me to not always have polarized glasses on in my videos, unfortunately the downfall is dealing with serious sun in the eyes.

Be sure to pay close attention at around a minute and 34 seconds into this video, enjoy a laugh as something totally out of the blue happens while I was filming alone…..ahhhhhhh being at the mercy of the elements during a video is beyond “PRICELESS” ! ! !

The AMFisH guy…

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