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This weeks video blog, fishing top water frogs !

Tumblr followers and various other amateur fishing people out there on Tumblr, this weeks AMFisH video blog post is about fishing top water frogs.  

People have seen the way I use these baits and that I catch fish using these baits, so I get asked a lot as to how I catch fish on them and others don’t.  The key thing is “make your frog look natural”, nothing worse the a frog bait shooting across the surface of the water in an unnatural motion.

Fish see living prey all the time and will rarely react to very unnatural motions for baits, twitch those frog baits with the line being slack, short twitches with pauses are best.

Top water fishing is quiet exciting which is why I wanted to share some of my knowledge through informative fishing blog videos like this one.

Hope this video adds some value to some of you…

The AMFisH guy…

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