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Tip for building easy confidence with baits !

A quick little tip for building some easy confidence with baits, is to pick up a few different brands of a specific bait and try them.  Example: if you use creature baits and have used one specific one without success WELL pick up two other brands that you like the look of and try them as well.

Where I am going with this is we as fishing people usually grab baits we read about or at times see others buying because we have heard they work, BUT the oversight here is simple maybe you actually don’t like something about that bait, possibly the body is too thin or it has too many legs, simple little dislikes like these can hinder your confidence when using them.

By having two or three different brands you can try them out and the one that ends up catching you fish will become your much needed “GO TO CREATURE BAIT” ! 

I decided to write this post because I myself a while back went through this, used a creature bait that everyone said worked, BUT I hated rigging it always caused issues, then it would not work for me with my oversight being every time I would start hooking it up it drove me nuts.

Well I picked up a few other brands tried them out and now I as well have my “GOT TO CREATURE BAIT”  that I have lots of confidence using.

Seems simple enough right ?  Well we tend to miss the obvious a lot of the time and going back to the basics can be all it takes.

The AMFisH guy…

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