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Top water fishing with soft plastic frogs…

I published a few blog posts of frog fishing and I touched on the fact that fishing with actual frog baits is a different application, well I wanted to write a few posts on how to fish soft plastic frog baits.

With soft plastic frogs the action is all in a constant retrieve, unfortunately soft plastic frog baits will not sit on the surface for long without sinking.  Plastic frog baits do have a hollow body so they will float, trick to remember is squeeze any water out of the frog every few casts if you see it starting to sit lower in the water. 

Soft plastic frogs on the other hand that are attached to a hook and line will be taken below the surface due to the weight.  Whats helps here is using braided line as it does not sink like monofilament line, so again it allows you to fish the frog with really slack line.  

As you cast the soft plastic frog, once it hits the water hold your rod tip high and retrieve quick enough to make the fluttering legs on the frog cause a wake across the surface.  You can fish these soft plastic frogs baits over lots of cover just like regular frog baits, Texas rig them and you are ready to go !

The AMFisH guy…

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