Trailer bait or no trailer bait…

I will aways admit that spinner baits alone catch fish and result in hits, BUT I still believe the odds increase 150% by adding a rubber scented trailer bait on the hook.

The skirt of a spinner bait flutters opening and closing repeatedly, so what the trailer bait does is add a full body look to the bait.   A chasing fish may abort hitting a spinner bait with no trailer on it, but when you have that little bit of scent and movement under the skirt if becomes to tantalizing for a fish not to strike while chasing.

Sure I am not a professional fisherman, BUT I will tell it how it is from experience over the years.  There is a large gap between professional fisherman and amateurs which I why I am putting this information out there, I love fishing and love teaching it to others, figured why not try and teach people around the world who have a love for fishing like I do but do not know exactly where to start.

The AMFisH guy…

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