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Tubes and smallmouth bass !

For those of you who are bass fanatics like myself, thought I would blog a little more about catching bass in general BUT this post is about catching smallmouth bass with tubes !   Tubes are an insane bait to use for smallmouth bass, I have had numerous times where a tube hit the water I counted to three and “BANG” smallmouth bass on the line !

Unlike the largemouth bass, smallmouth bass are significantly more investigative fish when it comes to actually hitting a bait.  They will are times follow numerous baits back to the boat and never strike.

Key thing to remember with smallmouth bass is if you are fishing for them in clear water use monofilament line OR fluorocarbon line, something more invisible in the water.  If you are fishing in tea coloured or stained water this is not much of a factor, you can get away with braided line or coloured line.

Tubes are pretty easy to use, take a tube head wet it then slide it inside the tube, as you see the led near the top of the bait push down on the soft plastic from the outside popping through the metal eye on the jig head.

Tie them straight to your line(palomar knot is totally recommended) and away you go !  Tubes fall in a strange spiral rotating pattern really neat to watch BUT if fish are in the area be prepared to feel a bite !  

Slow presentation works best, let the tube sink to the bottom, when you feel it hit leave it for a few seconds before you twitch it, the tentacles on the end resemble the claws of a crayfish, so having then wiggle around is a very “good” thing !

The AMFisH guy…

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