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So many creature baits on the market and I know many of you AMFisHers out there have probably asked yourselves this question, which one should I buy ? 

Well it’s not an easy question as you will need a few different ones with you on any given day, WHY well fish may be into a slightly thinner profile bait part of the day so something similar to the two baits at the top of this picture might be a good choice(top left is a Berkley Havoc rocket craw, top right Berkley Havoc hawk hawg).

So what happens when they stop hitting a thin profile bait, switch to something with a more chunky look like the tow at the bottom of this picture(bottom left is a Berkley Havoc pit boss, bottom left is a Zoom Z hog).  Fishing is like a really crazy puzzle sometimes, we throw baits out and hope it’s what the fish are into so by selecting a few styles/colours you are able to continue catching fish when a bait stops working all together.

When it comes to brands well lots of good ones on the market, Berkley, Zoom, Hag’s Tornado Baits just to name a few.  Pick a few up and look at them closely to see if you like the way the bait looks, that is a key factor especially if you say to yourself hmmmmm never seen anyone use something like this on my lake before, that could be a good choice for throwing out a different looking bait.

Colours will depend on water clarity for sure, use more natural colours like browns and greens in very clear water, stained of murky water try some more vibrant ones like black with crazy blue or red in it, along with orange something with a little more flash.

When it comes to scent well lots on the market for sure.  Keep in mind that very heavily salted baits will sink due to salt being very dense, so this may impact the way you bait sits at the bottom.  Example a crawfish creature baits pinchers may not float upward in the typical defence mode, so keep that in mind when selecting soft plastics for certain presentations.

There is nothing wrong with having a few different manufacturers baits, it exposes you to the creature bait world very quickly and you will see what you do and do not like, making your favorites stand out in the end.

Give them a try awesome baits for bass both smallmouth and largemouth !

The AMFisH guy…

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