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In this picture you will see that some of the larger baits as well as smaller versions or twitch and jerk baits now have twister tail jigs being added to them by manufacturers. 

This adds just a little more action that could seal the deal by a fish chasing your bait, BUT the important part of this post is that the soft plastic curly tail has been put on this bait so it is facing upwards.  Wonder why ?  Well if it was facing downwards it would snare the back hook on almost every retrieve.  

It would not only hinder the action of the bait but the soft plastic would be damaged in the process from multiple hang up on the hook point.  Try this reverse rigging method with curly tail jigs on a jig head as well, your tail will almost never get hung up on the hook having it pointed on the opposite side of the hook.

You can also add twister tail grubs to any jerk baits you have now as well, cut off part of the soft plastic so you have a very flat base, then use some super glue to the tip and attach it to the bait of the jerk bait.   There you got some scent and wiggle that may help finish a lot of fish strikes !

The AMFisH guy…

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