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Took this picture at the Bass Spring Fishing Classic sale this past week, these are very handy fishing line storage boxes, that serve a second use as well.  

If you take a close look you will see the smaller black circles in front of the box, these are rubber tabs with holes through them, so you can spool your line easily.  There are 6 slots for spools of line and each slot has it’s own spooling hole, great little multipurpose storage box, that really does make spooling your line on easier.

You can actually make your own spooling box, but it is not one that you can carry around with you, take an empty shoe box punch a hole directly through the box on each side, push through a piece of wire(you can use a cloths hanger as well), then from here you put your spool inside the box on the wire, pull the line through a hole in the front of the box and “PRESTO” spooling box !

The AMFisH guy…

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