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This had to be a reblog photo as I love fishing with swimbaits !  It’s a picture of the Yum money minnow soft plastic swimbait, impregnated with scent and everything.

The person who took this picture was able to capture the slight ripples in the texture of the bait, that is what I like most as it is not “TOO PERFECT” looking, clean lines but more of a natural appearance.

For those of you using swimbaits like this, one key tip that works very well is to work then as slowly as possible.   The paddle tail can get moving very quickly at times, so by holding your rod tip up and slowly retrieving with a steady retrieve will actually make this bait swim like a very real fish does.

You can also play around with similar hooks like the one in this picture, some have a weight that turns allowing you to slid it closer to the head of the bait to swim it a little deeper or for a fast stop and sink into weed pockets.

Typically you will have the weight where it is in this picture for retrieving it back slowly.  Give them a try great baits, lots of colour patterns to pick from and they produce “FISH” !

The AMFisH guy…

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