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I have been fishing for “many” years and I get upset when some manufacturers do stuff like this, selling pretty much and empty tackle tray for over $16.00 with taxes.

Shakespeare is in no way a bad company, they do have some decent stuff for the everyday fishing person BUT when I saw this hanging on an end display it was beyond upsetting.

Be mindful of items like this where you are in no way getting anywhere close to your money’s worth, I mean really the tray is mostly empty…..big shame.

A stringer, small pack of 4 hooks or so, a few small bobbers, one bait bottle and a second small bait package, a few small jigs sorry but that does not add up to a $16.00 plus tax deal of any kind.

For all you beginners, amateurs and parents out there, you cant put a much better trout kit together yourselves for this price, so again be mindful of some of those package deals they may look good but take a really good look by turning it around, as it is hard to give away our hard earned money while getting very little in return.

The AMFisH guy…

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