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I picked these up this past fall had seen them a long while back and then they vanished off the shelves.   These are great towing cables, coated cable with clips that have a lever keeping them closed and making them next to impossible to slip off.

Pull strength is 5000lbs making you feel “extra” safe while on the road.   Thought I would share this picture with all of you out there that tow your own boats like I do, as these cables sit higher and allow for lots of play when making turns.   For $21.00 a set it made it a simple purchase and I made a note to myself to pick items up like that the first time I see them…never wait and say next time because you just never know if they will ever appear again.

They will totally out perform and outlive towing chains any day of the week and install very easily.   A great feeling knowing you will be safe on the road and at the same time keep everyone behind you safe as well.

The AMFisH guy…

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