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This is just a small portion of my knife collection, I am always telling people to make sure they have at least one multipurpose knife if the are into fishing, hiking or the outdoors in general.

Nothing better then knowing you have a good solid knife should you need it for any emergency, example having to cut rope into pieces, potentially having to cut your clothing should you be stuck somewhere, cutting fishing line especially that tough braided line, many more reasons to have a knife handy.

I “ALWAYS” have one on a belt loop while I am fishing, usually a straight blade/serrated edge knife so I have the best of both worlds !  What  mean by this is that a straight blade is handy for everyday cutting of soft plastic bait packages, cutting fabric of some sort and even cutting into a steak cooked over the campfire !

The serrated edge can’t be matched when it comes to cutting rope of all kinds, will go through it like a hot knife through butter….no pun intended….ha ha ha !

When it comes to cost it does not need to be a crazy expensive top of the line knife, I got the big Winchester blade with the wood handle on sale for $25.00, the smaller black knife on the lest side with holes in the handle was $8.00.  Keep an eye out for those sales, you can save some money on a really good knife should you want one.

The AMFisH guy…

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