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Found this picture and it seemed fitting to do a positivity post about it !  I have been on a “HUGE” positivity kick and it feels amazing ! ! ! !  Sure life will have it’s ups and downs but I focus more of thinking about all the ups, as the positivity boost you get from them is unbelievably amazing.

It is all in the people you have around you, I had many negative people at a past job made it hard to stay positive so I would channel all my negativity through those people and save all the good positive stuff for outside work with the important people in my life !

I figured how can I as a single person battle soooooooo many negative people each day, so it was simple they were negative I would push any negativity I had out which left me leaving all positive.  Was it draining having to be a little negative yes it was, BUT I knew that in a few hours I could be the “real me” so it was worth it.

If you find ways to release all that negative out of you, the positive shines and makes you feel incredible…..oh and it helps not talking about all the negative as well, that is just physically and mentally draining.

Being even a little happier each day is very possible, go after it everyone it’s there for the taking ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !   = )

The AMFisH guy…

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