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I get asked quite a bit about what frog bait to get and why there are so many, while at bass pro this past weekend looking at the enormous section of frogs I clearly knew why people who are new to fishing had no idea where to start.

Took this picture of only two different manufacturers of frog baits and “YES” that is a lot of frogs for just two companies that make them !   Is one better then the other ?   Is the more expensive one going to catch more fish ?  Obviously lots of questions about frog baits hence why I am writing this post.

I have accumulated several frog baits over the years, WHY well I was once learning as well and figured I had to try old frog and new frogs as anyone would think.   When it comes to frogs baits and any bait in general first try matching the colour and size to the frogs on the waters your fish.  

From here look at the styles, some have weights on the back bottom, others very realistic looking, some with long legs other with shorts legs, this is where you make a choice about what brand catches your eye and for what reasons.

Will you want more then one colour, YES because at times throwing a colour that is out of the norm will catch fish.   Will you want different sizes, YES again as fish may avoid hitting a really small frog because they all of sudden are into a bigger target bait.

When it comes to price never worry you can find some good frog baits within various price ranges, sure most are up there in price because some really expensive versions came to market which I believe pushed prices up on other brands.   Either way you don`t need the most expensive frog to catch fish, it is mostly in how real you make a frog bait look while fishing it.

They are great baits to fish with as top water fishing can be pretty exciting, so make sure you take a look at lots before grabbing the $15 dollar frog off the shelf…

The AMFisH guy…

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