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Taking another few minutes to share a very useful knot, especially when you are stuck in the middle of a frustrating fish outing already where things are just going wrong left right and center, then your line snaps talk about pouring salt on the wound !

Well the double uni knot is a MUST know how to tie knot, which also comes in handy when knot fishing and you need to make a longer rope out of two separate one. Will also do some video blogs on my website displaying this knot along with some other key knots that are very handy.

Beauty of the double uni knot is that it allows you to tie two separate diameter lines together, to make one consecutive piece. This is one of the simplest pictures I could find to show a very easy guide to tying this knot.

Tip I pass along to everyone is just before you tighten a knot use some saliva all over the knot, helps secure it when you pull it tight. Sure they sell knot glue and stuff like that but saliva is free so save yourself some cash for a new bait !

The uni knot sure comes into play on various scenarios, have learned this one very well and how to tie it quickly, because when the fish are on the last situation you want to find yourself is holding two pieces of line and not having a clue what to do with them.

You can attached mono to mono, mono to fluorocarbon, mono to braid, braid to braid, the list goes on and on especially when it comes to using this for regular rope tying.

Learn this knot and learn it well, it will truly be helpful in the long run…

The AMFisH guy…

#fishing #fishingknots

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