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Came across this picture and it reminded me of a very common scene, while driving past small bridges as well as observing trees on the shoreline while fishing.  I decided to reblog this picture as a reminder to everyone fishing off bridges and from shore, nothing worse then getting all rigged up doing the mighty reach back to cast to only torque forward experiencing the “SNAG IN A TREE” of a lifetime !

I know excitement kicks in BUT be sure to take a few minutes before choosing a spot from shore or on a bridge to make sure how close trees are to you as well as phone lines, those few minutes will save you a lot of time re-rigging your line which in turn leaves more time for having your line in the water trying to catch fish !

Several minutes tying new knots is a result a none productive fishing day because your line actually spent more time on shore with you then it did in the water.

The AMFisH guy…


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