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Last of the Christmas gifts, there will sure be two happy kids this year !  My friends daughter and my god son are now old enough that I can take them fishing in the spring, so I decided a great gift would be to get them all ready for some pan fish and trout pond fishing !

Picked some easy little critter baits, like grasshoppers and bumble bees along with some floats all simple little stuff that I can cast out for them and watch them reel in with anticipation……that in itself is the best part !  Coloured tackle boxes so they keep everything organized, and have room at the bottom for some snacks !

There is always the thought in the back of my mind that once they feel something pulling against them the rod may be dropped followed by a mad dash to there dad’s, but I am sure they will do just fine once I explain to them how fun a day of fishing can be !

I deliver everything on Tuesday so it should be fun watching them tear into these gifts !!!!

The AMFisH guy…

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