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Swimbaits where to start with these relatively new baits that stormed the market the last few years.   This is a picture of a soft plastic swimbait with a paddle tail and all I can say is they work really well !

There are lots of brands available scented, non scented, large and small, not to mention a lot of colours variations to pick from.   The thing I have found with these baits is the slower I retrieve them the better they work.

The paddle tail will move extremely quickly side to side even with a slow retrieve and by working these sooooooooo slowly on a steady retrieve my theory is they look almost real which triggers strikes.  When I say real I also include in there that they swim like a real fish does scurrying about.

You can work these very quickly on those days where you see bait fish swimming around quickly and on those colder days work it at slow as possible, due to the fast action of the tail you will need to do so.

All around great baits, key thing is to rig them totally straight like you would any soft plastic that will maximize the best swimming action.   More to come on these baits as I plan to shoot some videos on how to rig them properly as well as how they look while fishing with them.

The AMFisH guy…

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