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I am always looking at new stuff on the market when it comes to fishing baits, WHY because I do invest some money into trying new products out BUT I don’t do this as soon as they hit the market.

Waiting several weeks to hear more about the product and it’s application either through reading and article in a fishing magazine or from people talking.  This is a picture of the Lindy watsit grub, cool looking soft plastic bait with the amazing part to this bait being the legs constantly moving.

I held this package and shook it around as I stopped the legs on the one grub at the top left that was sitting alone kept twitching around ever so slightly even though my hand was still.

Saw it on a show as well and the bait legs were moving with the wind, I can only imagine how much movement these legs will have under water !

Key thing to this post is to keep learning about fishing, look at new baits and see what fits your style of fishing.  This grub on a jig head will look like a little crayfish especially with the contantly moving legs……really cool feature.

The AMFisH guy…

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