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Thought I would post this picture of a canvas piece of art titled “LIFE”, picked it up the other day as I was walking by it in a store and stopped to read it.   Being completely and utterly intrigued by positivity from various experiences throughout life this seemed like a good piece for me to have in my home !

It list’s various reminders I thought passing along would rub off on some other people, WHY because as bad as we can make life sometimes it is still a remarkable experience, especially when you stop to think about things like this for a few minutes.

We stress so much about big and little things, that in the end don’t mean squat when we step back and really think about things.   Take a few seconds after reading the list of things in this picture and think about the last three to four weeks of your lives, sure does put a lot into perspective…

The AMFisH guy…

#dreams #fishing #happy #passions #life

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