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Well we are smack in the middle of fall here in Canada and I have been looking forward to fall fishing and going after some of the hungry “BIG” ones !   Caught this beauty yesterday on a Mepps marabou bucktail, was fishing shallower water because we got a very warm day up here that was out of the blue, figured there would be a few big fish cruising in the sun.   I normally don’t take vertical pictures like this because the downward weight of the fish on it’s organs can harm then but I made the decision on this one to show overall length…..I am 6ft 2 inches tall and I am not standing completely straight in this picture, you can see this one one very long fish had some good girth as well.

Fall fishing sure it can be cold at times but very productive as the cold water makes the fish cruise around more which in turn results in them needing to feed more often for energy.

The AMFisH guy…

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