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I have blogged some diagrams of the bottom bouncer rig and decided to blog a real picture of it.   This is a bottom bouncer rig kit, includes the slow death hooks that spiral in circles, great rig for those of you trolling fro walleye.

To be honest this rig is great for trolling in general, friend of mine this past summer at our trip caught a “massive” smallmouth bass that attached a 2 inch piece of worm while trolling in 31ft of water.

Great rig that bouncers off the bottom as your bait circles in a tight spiral motion and your really feel the bottom/bait very well.

I have also used this to cast out and retrieve, works a little differently BUT retrieved a little slower or faster gives you some options on what fish will respond to.

In the end it is a inexpensive rig that does produce fish, especially on the troll…

The AMFisH guy…

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