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Hello fellow amateurs this is a picture of a rod tip repair kit, highly recommend those of you who spend a lot of time fishing pick one up and have it just in case.   I was out last year and a friend lifted the boat seats to grab life jackets, pushed on a rod and “snap” went the tip…….not fun at all.

Best thing about these rod tip repairs kits is there are not too hard to figure out, even out the tip by cutting it a little if it needs it, pick a tip that fits on the snapped end, put some glue on it(some you heat up) and press it on… tip ready to go in a few minutes !

They are not that expensive either and quite a few different brands on the market, even a screw on hard plastic one that will fit any tip end, so having something like this is kind of a no brain-er.

The AMFisH guy…

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