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This is the video I said I would post of the rough water on the lake this weekend.   We were at the back end and the weather started to quickly turn on us, blowing us very quickly which resulted in us dashing right after I shot this little video of the waves, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the waves !  Watch the wave rolling towards the boat at 45 seconds, freaking “HUGE” ! ! ! !

Decent size lake not attached to a great lake or anything so seeing weather like this starting to move in always makes the safety part kick in and by staying calm throughout it all will for sure make things run smoother.

I was doing the filming with my phone and my friend Tom who is normally shooting my fishing blog videos for me was fishing for the last few minutes, take a look at his left leg while he is standing, his pants flailing around will give you a good idea of how strong the wind was……..well the waves and camera noise might do it as well !

All I can say is be mindful on the water everyone mother nature is a very tough woman and will be relentless sometimes…

The AMFisH guy…


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