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Here is a picture of some great starter baits for kids !  These can usually be found in the pan fish section of the fishing stores, but are great easy baits to use especially when pond fishing or even small river systems.

Not only for kids either I have plenty that I cast out during the fall weather as well, in my recent post about fall fishing a small mouthful sometimes is hard for fish ton resist during the fall feed !

They are available in little minnow baits, crayfish, grasshoppers, crickets, bumble bees, the list goes on and on.   Picked some up for a friend who wanted to take his son to a trout pond and he knew nothing about fishing, well his son ended up catching a “MONSTER” rainbow trout !

Always good to have some small baits, there is always a time when fish will only hit small baits sometimes so you are pretty much out of luck if you don’t have any and for the cost of some of them it is an easy decision.

The AMFisH guy…

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