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Picture of some rattles, these comes in various sizes, shapes and materials BUT are great to use in soft plastics or inside some baits in general.   These ones are cased inside thin aluminum and make quite a bit of noise, but you can also find small glass filled ones in a long thin style or small small round balls.

The thin glass ones are great as they can actually be pushed inside a rubber worm, lizard or any soft plastic bait.  Most baits these days have a rattle chamber(small hollow hole in the bait) so you can slide them right in there as well.

This style or the larger glass ones can be used inside tubes or soft plastic with one entire hollow end to them, just to add a little vibration and clanking noise under water.  Sound can work wonders for producing fish, so you should always consider trying it out.

I have inserted these inside top water frog baits, as most of them are hollow and have a tiny hole on the back end, great noise makers while working a frog across the surface on a quiet morning.

There are moments where you will pull out all the stops to keep the fish biting, sound is definitely a very important one.

The AMFisH guy…

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