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This is another great tool that helps during those surgery like moments where taking the hook out when a fish is clamping down on the bait.   Jaw spreaders like this are great BUT one design flaw I don’t like is how the prongs that hold the mouth open have been left a metal edges. 

If you have ever used this tool before those prongs can actually puncture through the roof and bottom mouth of the fish making extra holes.  Extra holes can do more harm and I don’t see a need for them, so  tweaked mine a little by wrapping some hockey tap around each prong.  From there I stuck those edges into some rubber earplugs and voila a less harmful tool that does the exact same job !

Sure I can’t fully close them but that is a small issue as long as I can bend them to use them, I am fine making more holes in the fish is not fun at all.

There are always options to tweak stuff we don’t like too much, always consider that.

The AMFisH guy…

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