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Inspirational story I had to share…

Hi fellow AMFisHers I could not help myself and had to share this very inspirational moment in my life with all of you!

While at a fishing/outdoors show yesterday I had the pleasure of not only meeting but chatting with an iconic fishing figure in the industry Bob Izumi and what a chat it was!

Bob has been on TV for about 30 years or so and is a great fisherman but what he never knew was what an inspiration he was to me as a little kid. I watched his show religiously, had no idea who he was just liked watching him catch fish and wanted to do what he was doing.

Well here I am in my thirties going for what I love to do which is fishing, sure it’s a tough road and I may not reach Bob’s status but if I get even remotely close to living what I love to do I will know I gave it all my efforts.

Don’t let people stray you off the path to being happy and living a passion, as so many people just except the regular everyday life with very few ever taking a chance to live just one of their dreams.

As a child I knew one thing I wanted to fish and when I did I was very happy, dud not get many chances to fish until my early teens but I do recall fishing in a bucket to see how worms looked in the water.

If you are not going to run after any of your dreams they will remain as dreams forever so should you get the itch to try one “GO FOR IT”!

Meeting this iconic fisherman and sharing a brief few moments with him talking about fishing filled me up with those same very feelings I experienced as a child watching his show, that people is passion showing itself to you so go for it, live a dream, passion or love for something there is no greater personal feeling in the world!

The AMFisH guy…

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