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Helloooooooooo ! ! !   Well summer has come to and end and that amazing early fall fishing time has arrived…….all I can say is the fishing is on !

Another very good size smallmouth bass fishing weekend, this was the biggest followed by several around the 3.5 to 4 pound range.  Was out with a friend fishing for musky and large pike, a little too early for their fall feed and after a few missed strikes we decided to go after some bass !

Good decision as they were picking up the baits again and again…..this beauty hit my go to bait a chartreuse spinnerbait with soft plastic trailer, I thought from the strike it was a much smaller fish as the fight was not there, then she jumped and everything was clear a big fish on the line !

It has been the summer for good size smallmouth bass, plentiful on one of the lakes I fish at BUT I have caught several long chunky ones this year……good to see healthy fish like that.

For those of you around the fall weather get out there and enjoy the next few weeks of early fall fishing, it’s is “amazing”…

The AMFisH guy…

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