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I am blogging this picture I got from a post on Facebook from a long time friend who has over the years also become my realtor.  

I am a strong believer that everything is in energy and the more positive energy we are around the better life seems to be !   Sure we deal with various life issues and it seems to be easier to turn to the negative side of things first at times, probably because we feel so beat up from what we just went through, WELL I have been there far too many times and have chosen to make every effort to say away from as much negativity as I can.

Any negative that comes my way I turn into something positive, if I am around people that are negative about life stuff I blurt out the positive of that situation, WHY well at 36 years of age I realised quite a few things about life one of them being why should I bother ton waste my life complaining about things that have gone wrong, sure we can take a few second to vent to a friend BUT once the venting has been done learn to move on with life before it passes you by.

Things will never be exactly what we want them t be but there is nothing wrong with trying to get them as close to that as possible…

The AMFisH guy…

#fishing #happy #life #positivity

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