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The bottom bouncing rig !  A really great finesse fishing rig that is mainly designed for catching walleye, BUT this rig works well for catching other fish when the fishing is really slow.

This picture shows how this is rigged up and man can this rig produce fish !   We have used it on my yearly fishing trip on the Ottawa, on windy days when you can just let your line out and drift a long stretch of water.   Bottom bouncer clearly confirm what this rig does, it will make contact with the bottom and slowly bounce the rig along.

We usually mark where fish are holding drop our lines either with a very small soft plastic bait of some sort of a live worm.

I have also tried this rig by casting it out and slowly working it back to the boat down drop off areas, which makes it kind of a versatile rig that does help catch fish on sluggishly sow fishing days, as the bait is typically dragged right by their faces.

The AMFisH guy…

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