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Was cruising along looking for some new spots when my eye caught my fishing rods in the sun, stopped took a quick picture and had no real idea what it would look like.  

Turned out better then I thought and actually worked out well for a post I have been meaning to write.   You may not be able to see all the rods in detail BUT each rod has a lure on it, which is something I always prepare once get on the water.  

I take several minutes to ensure knots are re-tied if needed, lures I want to start with are on the rods I want to use them on, rods are stacked in order from top to bottom with what I with throw first to last.

The post is more about being prepared earlier then later, WHY well there is nothing worse then getting to your first fishing hole and fumbling around getting things in order instead of actually fishing !

It is much easier ton have baits already rigged on fresh knots and leaders, that way you start the day on a very good note !   In the past I used to rush as well, then soooooo much time was wasted at my fishing hole trying to find what I was going to use and tying knots, not worth it get prepared earlier that way good spirits start once you get to your spot.

I do this when I fish from shore as well, two rods ready to go and a small tackle tray filled with other baits I will be using, less fumbling around leaves a “LOT” more time for fishing so get into the habit of being ready earlier and spend more time catching fish ! ! !

The AMFisH guy…

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