This smallmouth bass was one of today’s “BEST” catches !  Picture is not the best as my friend took it as the sun caught me at the wrong direction, was very dark so I touched the colours up as much as I could to lighten a bit. Was actually out cruising for big pike and muskie but this end of summer weather was too nice and the big guys could not be found with anything I threw at them.

Sun came out so I changed tactics and went hunting for smallmouth and largemouth which are both plentiful on the body of water I was fishing on, well end result a nice big long heavy smallmouth bass ended up hitting a chartreuse spinner bait !

Fishing was tough for the first part of the day until the day itself decided to finally break, then the bass were on “BIG TIME” ! ! ! !   Heavy rain yesterday had them mostly turned off for the morning to mid morning, then out of no where they started picking baits up, BUT very subtle strikes nothing aggressive which is something to make a note of.   After rain or bad weather fish will be turned off and you will need to pull out all the stops to trigger strikes.

Working baits slower with more pauses is a great way to trigger that instinct, ALSO downsizing your bait can help as well.

The AMFisH guy…


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