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A picture post to point out the importance of checking your baits throughout the day as you are using them.   I caught about 10 fish on my spinner bait and then a really good size smallmouth bass attacked it, a few jumps later my spinner wire snapped.

Everyone this happens BUT the point of this post is to remind everyone to check sporadically throughout the day to make sure everything is in good working order.

Spinner baits unfortunately have a usage life, fish after fish the wire opens up and after having closed it several times a week spot at the R bend finally gave in.   As you can see from this picture my knot is still intact(good old super strong palomar knot, love it!), the wire broke with the hook still in the fish as it was jumping, then in mid air the fish popped the hook as well……a crazy several seconds with a “big” fish !

Good knots rarely fail BUT a bait can reach a point where it needs to be retired, can’t fix a wire on a spinner bait…………..keep on eye on heavily used baits in your tackle boxes, missing a good fish because a bait fails “sucks” BUT it can be prevented as I knew after having closed my wire several times it was going to fail and really should have changed it much earlier.

Hope this was helpfull…

The AMFisH guy…

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