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Hi AMFisHers! This post is to point out that having some baits that give off crazy intense reflections can be a big advantage while fishing.

The first photo was taken with minimal light hitting the bait, while the second one was taken with lots of natural light gleaming off the bait, as you can see there is a huge difference.

Well this difference happens in the water as well, very sunny days will make your bait reflect more like in picture two, more overcast days will make it look more like picture one, in either scenario the advantage is this bait offers you flash pretty much anytime the bait catches light and takes some flash away with limited light.

Any advantage us fishing people can get helps so keep this in mind when picking baits.

I have a short vlog on my YouTube channel that shows how to move baits around on your hand to see what flashes each one offers, take a look.

The AMFisH guy…

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