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I said I would be posting some more pictures from my recent trip to Quebec, well here is a picture of my best catch !   This was a “VERY” thick pike that had to be in the 20’s somewhere for weight, not a long fish but the girth it had was absolutely “nuts” !

We were trolling in about 52ft of water and it attacked with some serious strength. I had a 13” grandma musky bait on that was no more then 20ft down as we were moving……will post some pics of the bait itself and all the teeth marks !

What I wanted to share is that sometimes a bait right out of the package can actually catch fish……sure there are some factors with colours and application but the bait I used was purchased just for this trip, was trying to match the walleye colour as best I could, used it for two days and had some missed strikes, then day four this beauty was chomping on it as it surfaced!

The AMFisH guy…

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