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Thought I would make this “chunky” smallmouth famous on Tumblr ! ! !  This is the first of many pictures to come from my fishing week on the Ottawa river, lots of smallmouth bass were caught on the one bait that seems to get smallies going nuts………”WHITE SPINNER BAITS” ! ! !

White is by far the best spinner bait colour for catching smallmouth bass, personally think it resembles the type of fish they go after when they are not chewing on crayfish.

Make sure to increase your odds of catching fish by adding a scented soft plastic to your spinner bait, it add a full body to the bait, scent and a trailer dangling outside the skirt.  

Anything salted works really well, or products like YUM with LPT(live prey technology scent), these baits leave a trail of scent from the second the bait hits the water.

Over the years I have seen that an all white spinner bait with white blades as well and a white trailer can result in some great fish being caught.   If you have smallmouth near you give the white a try, will for sure perform well for you.

Hope this post was helpful…

The AMFisH guy…

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