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A nickname that I have had most of my life is “MR. SAFETY”, I seem to have this protective nature in me which comes out when it comes to keeping my self and others around me safe.   Thought it was time I shared this side of me with other people who fish around the world, as I have had my share of incidents on the water where others needed help in bad weather or situations.

Took this picture about a week ago while fishing, weather forecast called for nasty storms but the weather did not get worse.   As you can see the really dark bottom clouds filled the sky on and off all day, this is where my safety side kicked in and I quickly tuned into observing waves/wind picking up.

For those of you who are on the water in boats, ALWAYS keep and eye out for weather, WHY well the weather man can only be so correct mother nature can change her decision pretty last minute.

Observe instant changes in wind picking up, waves getting taller and stronger, sky getting darker, tree tops being blown around by wind, all these are great indicators that something could be moving in and sometimes more quickly then you think.

I am sure lots of us enjoy fishing BUT try to enjoy it safely especially with family and friends.  When you see major changes follow your gut instint as there is usually a very small window of opportunity to make the right decision.

The AMFisH guy…

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