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Creature baits like this Berkley havoc craw fatty are “amazing” baits for catching bass with a slow presentation ! Black and blue seems to be the bass colour BUT you will also need to focus on where you are fishing, WHY because I fished down in Texas on a trip and no bass were hitting a black/blue creature bait, on that particular water they were only into green and pumpkin seed colours.

These style baits are great for that slow presentation when fish are not attacking running baits. For the most part these are Texas rigged with a bullet weight to keep it on the bottom.

They will sit upright or be pulled upright by the current in the water and the big flapping claws will be sure to get a basses attention !

Lots of manufacturers have similar styles on the market, my suggestion is try a few out and you will quickly learn which ones you prefer using. Honestly comes down to a look/feel thing, WHY because there is nothing worse then using a bait you don’t like at all because someone said it will work.

Pick your own colours, own body styles, shapes, sizes BUT try to stick to matching the feed in the water you are fishing, that is key.

If you are a bass guy like myself, I am sure you will start teaching yourself more and more about these great finesse bass baits after you have tried some out…

The AMFisH guy…

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