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Re-blogging this picture as it will look familiar to anyone who fishes frog baits on top water weedless baits, BUT may not mean much to someone who is somewhat into fishing with limited knowledge.

Areas like this are havens and I mean “HAVENS” for bass ! ! ! Work top water baits like frogs, small mice, heddon moss boss, floating soft plastics like lizards/frogs anything that is as weedless as possible.

Try pausing the bait on top of the actual lily pad itself and with small twitches try to make the tail, leg, or skirt of the bait dangle off the side of the pad itself as this will resemble the real action of baits that do pause momentarily on the lily pads before scurrying across them again.

Areas like this are “always” worth a few casts with a top water bait, never pass the up…

The AMFisH guy…

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