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Decided to re-blogg this picture because it brought back some struggling times for me when I was learning how to use bait casting reels without this “BIRD NEST” or “PROFESSIONAL OVERUN” as they can it in the U.S. happening time and time again!

Bait casting reels have free spools meaning once your bait hits the water line will keep pouring off the spool, totally different then a spinning reel.   A tip for preventing this from happening is using a 2” piece of hockey stick tape and placing it on the spool of line.  

First you spool off about 40 to 50ft of line, then place the tape on the spool and make sure it covers all the line on the spool.  What this does is hold the line down for you, so when your cast reaches the 40 or 50ft the tape stops the line from shooting out line in the above picture.

This is a great little tip for practicing with these reels, once you get better you can take the tape off, BUT practice is key and very important to make sure you are “thumbing” the spool(applying a little pressure on the spool/line as you cast) as that is how you prevent this from happening.

The AMFisH guy…


RATS! #FISHING (Taken with Instagram)

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