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Overhanging trees like this are also great areas to flip, pitch various baits underneath or around.   Look for the shaded spots and try to place your bait in those pockets, along with any weed clumps below the hanging trees.

You can fish areas like this by making short casts with spinner baits, frogs and various other baits that allow you a quick retrieve for potential reaction strikes.   Other presentations should include flipping and pitching soft plastic baits like worms, lizards or creature style baits below the trees.

Slow presentations like this can really produce fish around areas like this as bass will hold near them for ambushing prey or protection from predator fish.   Don’t overlook areas like this as the are at times accessible from share as well.

If you are not really good at flipping or pitching baits, no need to worry if you splash your bait into the water instead of easing it in, there are many opinions out there that you will spook a fish BUT bass will almost always investigate a splash in the water.

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