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Look for areas like this when bass fishing, usually can access a lot of areas like this on local lakes from shore.   These are great spots for holding largemouth bass and fishing top water baits like frogs or a small mouse.  

One strategy to keep in mind is fishing your bait very slowly over lily pads like this BUT what really increases your chances of some crazy strikes is to pause your bait on a lily pad with the tail or legs of the bait dangling off the edge of a lily pad.

As you have twitched your bait along the surface, twitch it up onto one of the lily pads and move it ever so slightly, then a few more smaller twitches to leg a frog leg of mouse tail dangle in the water, if there are bass there the next twitch off the lily pad can trigger a very “intense” attack !

Surface structure like this can’t be overlooked, always worth a few casts.   If top water is not working you can always cast out a worm or creature bait for a slower presentation, this is a good thing to try after a few top water missed attacks, can sometimes catch the bass that missed your bait earlier.

The AMFisH guy…

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