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Taking a second to touch on weedless baits and how they will still catch weeds.   The important thing here is not to leave any weeds on the bait, not even the smallest piece wrapped around a spinner bait blade, WHY well if you wrapped rope around a call tire it would impact the tires performance, same goes for a fishing bait.  

Sure is take a few extra seconds ton clear everything off the bait BUT a few extra seconds is better then 46 casts with no fish ever going near your bait !

This picture is from today, was shore fishing as I could not get out in my boat ran into some unexpected truck issues so I hit a local lake with a friend to shore fish.   We were working spinner baits along a very weedy area off shore, almost every cast ended with some weeds on out baits.

As you can see in this picture weeds ran down the wire and got stuck on the head of te bait, as well as other smaller weeds having wrapped themselves around the swivel above the bottom blade.  Weeds on baits will only hinder their performance and result in no fish being caught, so take the few seconds to clear off your baits !

The AMFisH guy…

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