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Taking a second to re-blog this picture to explain that hooks that are feathered of have ad some buck hair added to them add a little more action to any bait.    This is great for when you pause a bait, the very subtle movement of that fur or feather, can almost instantaneously trigger a strike !   This is no way means hook that are not decorated like the one in this picture don’t work they do, just means that it is always a good idea to try one of these when lots of fish follow a bait but never end up striking.

The AMFisH guy…


A friend decorated that hook for me to put on my spinner, and the little robot caught a few, including that badass fish, over at Dredge Lake. That’s the coolest fish I’ve caught (not including lots of mistakenly caught sharks at K-Bay). Still, I like fishing in the channel/bays/wetlands more, and am still more into Dollies.

(Note: No more Kodak moments for trout unless they’re coming home—

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