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Bullet style push button casting reels like the one in this picture are great reels for anyone who have never fished before.   These are very simple to use, push and hold the button wind up and cast as you release the button, see simple !

Spinning reels are easy to use if they have a release trigger handle, if not they take a little more getting used to, SO if you are starting and just want to experience some fishing at a more basic level the bullet push button style reel is definitely a good option. 

Best part is these reels are like bait casters they sit on top of the fishing rod, so one advantage is it will make the transition to a bait caster slightly easier for you.  The spools work differently as bait casters free spool and require a thumb to prevent over spooling and bird nests(or professional overrun), but the bullet push style does not over spool line it will work like a spinning reel.

The AMFisH guy…

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