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This is a pic of what a drop shot rig looks like, pretty simple finesse rig that works when fishing slows right down and the fish are not biting at all.   This rig is basically a hook tied right to the line(palomar knot works very well for this rig) and a sinker at the bottom of the line BUT the key thing to this rig is that you can have excess line by the sinker, meaning you can allow the bait to be lets say a foot away from the sinker or 3ft away from the sinker.

Drop shot sinkers have a pinched tip, meaning when you pass your line through the sinker loop and have reached your desired hanging depth from the bait, you just tuck it into the tight slot of the tip and it holds the weight there.

No worries with the extra line dangling around the weight, fish will not be impacted by that at all unless in very clear water where fluorocarbon line should be used as it is next to invisible.

The longer drop shot sinkers seem to work better(picture a 1 inch piece of a pencil, look similar to that shape), sometimes bounce of structure below easier and they are slimmer so the get stuck a lot less.

Again a great rig for slow fishing days, usually dangling this at the depth the fish are at can produce some good fish !

The AMFisH guy…


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